1. In this contest can only participate Ecuadorian writters or foreign residents living in Ecuador at the time, with 33 years as maximum age limit.


2. Participants can send a single long poem or group of poems (maximum ten poems by author).


3. The texts must be unpublished.


4. Entries should be submitted in three copies clearly legible, typed

or computer-lifted to one side only, double-spaced on A4 format.


5. Authors must identified themselves with a pseudonym, and in a separate envelope a card with the following data: full name, identity card number, home address and phone number. On the outside of the envelope shall record only the pseudonym and title of the work.


6. The text will be sent to the Casa de la Cultura, Núcleo del Guayas (VIII Festival de Poesía "Ileana Espinel"), Av. 9 de Octubre No.1200 and Pedro Moncayo, 1st floor, Guayaquil.


7. The jury is conform by distinguished personalities of our letters and their names will be announced only at the time of the verdict.


8. The deadline for receiving participants' texts will end at 17h00 on Friday, 30 October 2015. Works arrived out of date will be considered out of competition. We do not return original or copies of the papers presented.


9. La Casa de la Cultura, Núcleo del Guayas, is going to publish the poem or set of winning poems in its magazine Cuadernos del Guayas, in addition to a diploma and a thousand dollars. Three honorable mentions will be given.


10. Information to 2300500; 2300586; 2304998.





Rosa Amelia Alvarado Roca


Festival de Poesia Ileana Espinel Cedeño - Guayaquil 2020